Aptronix FuzzyJava -- Smart Applets in Action

Real-time Control of a Pendulum by Smart Applet
- Fuzzy logic-based java applet generated by Fide

Click here to read the report by Electrical Engineering Times (Dec 9, 1996)

Below is a demonstration of an one-stage Inverted Pendulum controlled by a Fuzzy Java Controller generated by FIDE, a fuzzy design tool by Aptronix, Inc. The blue box underneath is a roller cart controlled by a motor that pulls it to the left or right according to the controller's command. A red ball is attached to the pendulum on top of the roller cart. The goal of the controller is to use a motor to keep the pendulum in balance and the roller cart at the center at all times.  The X and Theta values, displayed on the window, are respectively the cart distance from the center and angle of the pendulum from the vertical direction (both should be close to 0.00). Loading Java program ... Please be patient -- Press "Start" now.

  • Press "Start" to begin the demo
  • Press "Stop" to end the demo
  • Press "Angle+15" to pusht to right
  • Press "Angle-15" to push it to left
  • Press "FreeFall" to see the behaviour without control.
  • Press "FreeFall" again to enable fuzzy control.


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